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Thank you so much for bringing your passion for justice in the Sudan to our attention. You told the story with moving effect.
Just beware of the instance at the end where you 'head-hopped' - from looking at things through the preacher's eyes, you 'hopped across to the soldier's eyes. Not considered good style, tempting though it is! But, that minor thing aside, a good and powerful story. Well done.
The part I find most encouraging about the story is that while the pastor seems to stand alone, he's not really alone. God is there with him the whole time. Thought provoking read.
Wow! Sometimes we have no idea what others suffer in the name of Christ. You did a wonderful job of telling this story. Thank you.
A well told story, I am anxious to read more of your writing. This probably belongs a level or two up.
Good story, Trevas. I know there are so many people who are going through trials like this, and your story has served as a great reminder to pray for these people.
This is extremely powerful. You won't be in beginner's long. Excellent description especially.
It's sad what our brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering around the world. Thanks for bringing this story to my attention. It brought home the sacrifices many are making for the gospel.
Wow! A powerful story packed with a message. Very well done!
I very much apprciated the eloquence of your story.
Awesome. Yes, and yes again. Righteousness and Justice are the foundations of Christ's throne. You eloquently conveyed that truth in a brutal world that is not fair - yet His throne remains.
Bless you,
This is in beginners?! I could hear your passion through this whole story and the pastor. Wow. What a testimony. Even after all that. Pretty good descriptions too. I hope this does well. Excellent writing! ^_^
I am so glad you wrote about this. Excellent writing. Excellent message. Excellent.
Great story of a hero; and well told with passion. You have an important message to tell, please keep writing and sharing it with the world.
I was so moved by your story. Well written, my friend. Keep up the fantastic work!
Congratulations on placing. Good for you! I knew you'd be moving up.
Congratulations, and blessings to you for writing this moving piece.
Wonderfully written story. Congrats on the win.
Yay! Up to level 2! ***Congrats!***
I agree your writing is top-notch and that you will move apace up the level ladder. We grieve over the Sudan situation but know behind the scenes God is working out His plan with perfect confidence.
Congratulations on both your win and your chance to move up. I have a feeling you will advance quickly - your writing has a great feeling to it. Thanks, too for your comment on my article.
Continue in God's contenance - Loren
Very well done.