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I think the older I got, the more I realized what God confidence could mean to my life. Maybe the journey through life helps us focus more on where our source of confidence truly is. I like this sentence: "...some gifted atom in myself."
Well done essay, you made it personal. Blessed writing here.
I really like how you describe confidence here, "I found my confidence just twelve months ago, it had been long missing… and, as often is true with lost things, I found it in a most ordinary and yet unexpected place". It reminds me of how the writer of Proverbs describes "wisdom". Thanks for writing this.
I loved this line: "I confess, that I even wondered if this level of trust and confidence, might not be similar to that of the very happy state of mental illness that can exist in some souls, who have no apparent connection with the reality around them." I often thing that these people, as much as we pity them, are so much better off that we are with our hang-ups, worries and fears.
This is a great article. I like how you moved through accepting your lack of confidence in yourself, yet seeking an 'atom' of it, trying to inculcate it in your children, and then gradually and imperceptibly finding it in the Presence of God. You handled this development in a most interesting way.
Great essay! I loved the voice, personality and honesty you brought to the piece.
I realy appreciate the quality of your writing, and encouragement of my efforts. Have you done any non-challenge pieces? I am trying to embrace a more contemplative style of prayer. I don't have the faithwriter's message service, but feel free to e-mail if you would like to:
(no obligation)