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Rather you than me! I wouldn't be writing about it, I'd be running. You made it real to me.
Cute--I really grinned when you came out with "bee-uh", and also your heroic fantasy.
Great story! Now I know what I should have written my humor story! We are advid campers and one night my husband left to get firewood. Meanwhile I hear rustling in the woods, fire went out, and the mind started imagining! To make a long story short it was only a raccoon munching on our marshmallow sticks but after hearing from the park manager about bears in the area can you imagine what I was thinking! Anyway, I loved your story! Keep writing.
This was funny. You made it easy to picture, and I could just imagine the feeling of pulling back the curtain and looking into the eyes of a bear.
Whilst being scary at the time, it's the kind of thing you look back on and laugh about, as you have done.
I loved this story and could relate as I've had a couple run-ins with bears myself although mine were cub-sized, thankfully. Great story telling, well written, loved your "hero fantasy" part. That's what made the ending so great. Well done.
I really enjoyed this entry when I was judging. Your opening sentence grabbed my attention, and the closing sentence really tied the piece together. One of my favorite parts was your mentally rehearsed choreography which flowed just like your intended actions. Overall, this entry had an obvious message, which I appreciated. Keep up the good work!
Blessings, Elizabeth