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This is excellent-it's a beautiful idea and well-executed. But where is the "volunteer"? I read this three times in case I missed it. It's very well-written indeed, but I can't find anything to do with the topic! Anyway, this is really nice. I enjoyed reading it.
Thank you for your comments. They mean a lot to me.

I kind of thought that the "volunteer" message might be lost but to explain it a little further, I "volunteered" to take my dog for a walk that night, somewhat like I volunteered to go for a walk in another woods years earlier with the U.S. Marine Corps.

That's where I was with a gun in my hands.

It's where I realized that that every breath that I took and every step that I took was a miracle.


Good title, pretty good reading. It was confusing to see how it tied into the topic until I read your note/comment. But otherwise, a pretty good read. A little more description would bring a more realistic air to it though. A 'you are there' atmosphere. Just a thought! :)
"It was almost midnight but he seemed to feel that we needed to go out for a walk so I volunteered."

The WC topic IS there, and I didn't miss it!

I relish your easy-going reflective style of writing, Paul. It is almost as if your reader and you are having a devotional-time together. Your stuff is so authentic! I love it.
Something is amiss with My Tracker: They're supposed to tell me when my favorite Author is in print and they didn't! (I'll have to have a "word" with them about this oversight.) Wow, Every Step Is a Miracle - Terrific! It's so real, so honest, so down to earth, something to "think" about...and we take it all for granted. You make everything sound so logical, reasonable and I'm in awe everytime I read your work. Thanks. I don't miss my THursday and Sunday Syndicated Columnist (LG) as much as I used to, NOW that I have you.