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Very creative!! I loved the imagery and the wonderful detail you put into this. Very nice job!
Such a unique take on the topic! And thanks for the tribute to the unsung hero. Very nicely done.
What a delightful relief from the "ho hum" mundane, ...very creative and I enjoyed the scenic trip that bypassed monotony and skimmed through fantasy land, and ended up in a port where two landlubbers greeted me with wet kisses. Great Job! There's more than one way to skim a river! This was one of the best! Kudos!
Word of mouth may be getting around about this short wonderful piece. And it deserves the praise!

What I like - the creativity! Excellent! I especially loved the last line. great job!
What I might change - absolutely nothing. this was a great reminder as well as take on the topic. I love the river of grass.
Well done! The creativity is the key to the piece, and you pulled it off well. The dialogue bits could use a little work, but I loved the story. Keep it up and you won't be in the beginner category very long.
What a great reminder that everyone has their value and their purpose no matter if its behind the pulpit or behind the scenes. Awesome job!
This was very cool! It was so unique and fun. I'm not sure what a Davey is, but i think you deserve one!(Sorry, i'm a newbie)