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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Philip Barrington
Website: http://pkwdb1.wix.com/encouragement-talk
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Articles written: 54

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I love writing to encourage others. I am a writer with reality. I want to climb to the next level; in God's time for His glory. Not for my own necessity, but so others will be able to read reaching their hearts with success.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/23/10 James 2 vs 1 to 4 A B C of not having partiality in the Church 509 Not For Sale
02/14/10 Let us be Doers 579 Not For Sale
01/31/10 Laying in Wait Do not Consent 477 Not For Sale
01/02/10 Temptations of Accusations 463 Not For Sale
12/13/09 The Fear of the Lord 438 Not For Sale
11/15/09 Life Change through Proverbs 722 Not For Sale
11/09/09 Let us Reap Life Everlasting 794 Not For Sale
11/07/09 Enduring Temptation A Crown of Life Promised 681 Not For Sale
11/06/09 Wisdom James No 2 484 Not For Sale
11/05/09 Which Rocking Chair are We Resting IN? James No 4 447 Not For Sale
11/05/09 Challenges In Relation to Our Lives Chall 1 431 Not For Sale
11/03/09 The Prize Awaits Us James No1 461 Not For Sale
11/03/09 Humbling Ourselves H1 528 Not For Sale
11/03/09 Which BUT are We James No 3 439 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
11/29/11 Load up Eternal Values
11/07/11 Ouch! I've got a headache
10/31/11 In the Eyes of the Traveller
08/03/11 Nothings in Prayerful hands
07/27/11 Twists of life
07/18/11 Personal Conflict... Is it yours?
07/10/11 My Heart Cries
06/13/11 Mistakes in the Air
06/06/11 Hazed
05/29/11 Huge Purchase
05/24/11 Odd Aliens
03/16/11 Timeless Existence
03/09/11 Less than Sixty Seconds
03/01/11 Victory Ahead
02/22/11 The Tour of my Life
02/14/11 Why did you eat?
12/20/10 Night Chills
12/14/10 Communication Alienation
12/07/10 Navigation Crisis
12/01/10 My Night in Cleaning Armor
11/24/10 I Wonder who is Silly
11/16/10 Sickness in the Heart
11/07/10 Computer Freight
10/31/10 Words cannot be Altered
10/24/10 Feeling Alone
10/10/10 Speaking with our Lord Aright
08/15/10 Salt of Life or Salt of Sin
08/08/10 Testing of Faith is coming our Way
07/27/10 Eye Sight, My Sight and His Sight
07/19/10 A Teaspoon or Desert spoon of Faith
07/12/10 Blocked Instructions for War
06/11/10 My Ludicrous Visit
05/26/10 Struck by Lightening
05/19/10 Brian's New Job
05/12/10 Sharon's New Friend
05/04/10 Tony's Faithful Friend
04/26/10 Pathway to a Delightful Adventure
04/19/10 The Travelling Reader
04/12/10 The Writing on the Wall Daniel 5:1-31
03/13/10 What about You

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
02/01/13 A Testimony of a New Life
01/27/13 In a new life. James 1:18
01/21/13 Homosexuality and Us
12/09/12 What Christmas is about - Forgiveness
04/13/12 Propaganda and the "Titanic"
03/26/12 Some are Mixed Up.
03/25/12 Salty is showing Light
03/13/12 Let us Believers Practice the Truth
03/09/12 Edify! Don't throw mud
02/19/12 Sick and Tired.
02/12/12 Partiality is Sin
02/07/12 A Tug-of-War
01/29/12 Fear
12/30/11 New Year Challenge of Assured Hope
12/22/11 Christmas Gift
11/27/11 IS the Bible in Error

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