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TITLE: IS the Bible in Error
By Philip Barrington

My Target Audience is the followers of Christ. To show the context of different passages of Scripture can be for a biblical era or our time in society for different individuals who God chooses for whatever purpose He desires.
The Bible, in today’s society has been heralded as being in error at one time or another. Many who don't know the living Christ, have been put to the blame for accusing the Bible as being in error. It is often regarded that the reason for their view of errors in the Bible is certain people haven’t been enlightened by the Spirit of the living God. It is too my amazement, I see many of those who tend to know Christ have their own view on parts of the Bible which show some interpretation inaccuracies.

Focusing on our own Spiritual needs should be an importance before we are able to help the needs of others. Knowing a person who knows the Lord and have been enlightened or not, is God's business, not ours. Yet we see so much confusion in many who proclaim Christ, it isn't a wonder many are confused about what to believe. The focus is lost somewhere in the haze of interpretation. Some interpretation is literal and some by application or it could be how God wants to show us by His Spirit. The Bible isn't in error because He speaks to us one way and another person another. Yet some things are dragged and scraped out of written biblical text to read the way we want it to be read or applied to. I knew of a Preachers wife who got up in front of the people in the Church and said referring to a passage of Scripture which something was going to happen in her life; and it did. She said “Look there it is,” “There it is again.” Repeatedly she did this. OK, it may have been applied to her. But, I couldn't help thinking “Well, it was in the Bible all this time and so is the verse that says “And Judas went and hung himself.” This verse has been there for decades as well. We need to be careful of our interpretation don't we? It is my view, the focus should be that our unfailing God needs to speak to the heart by His Spirit for conviction and life directive purposes.

The Passage concerning Abraham sacrificing his son Issaac is a hard passage to grasp. Yet today we wouldn't take it literally or one would be convicted of attempted murder. Because Issaac was Abraham's Son of whom God was going to perform great things, God had a special hand on Abraham and closeness to God of which one might be envy of. Believed by me and many others, God wanted to show His grace, mercy and provision when he provided a Lamb. God showed us Spiritual lesson that a Lamb has been provided for us. We need to emulate the obedience Abraham had in his era so we may know to be obedient because He has provided the Lamb of God that take’s away the sin of the World which is relevant in our Century.

Many a passage in the Bible, God has spoken to men and women. When Jesus walked the earth which He proclaimed His Glory through creation, He proclaimed the Word of God His Father and what was going to happen. They didn't have what has been written in the New Testament today before it happened. The New Testament was written as an example to encourage us that God can move the hearts of people today in our society and lives. Many of an answer is found for our lives as we read the Bible. But we must be willing to answer the moving and the Calling of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Just as we can't all be moved or convicted to be a missionary in another country, nor can we be doing all the same things in the work of a ministry which others have done written in Scripture. A good example of this is that Timothy was a Pastor but Paul was a missionary to parts of the known world of that day. The same thing is apparent today. We can only be what the Spirit of God wants us to be.

Is the Bible in error? No; Our interpretation can be wrong, but the Spirit of God can't be. So let us show the Spirit of God working in our own lives. Believe the Bible; read the Bible and ask God to speak to us from His Spirit, knowing His interpretation isn't in error.
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