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Name: Julie Arduini
Website: juliearduini.com
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Articles written: 52

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I'm a writer and speaker passionate to encourage others to find freedom through surrender. There are 10+ books that feature my work including the Incredible Answers to Prayer series through Guideposts. I'm a member of FW 500 and ACFW. To learn more about my writing and speaking please visit my site at http://juliearduini.com Julie Arduini Surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
01/10/11 Jimmy Takes a Shower
10/16/10 The Pause Button
02/17/10 Burned with Magic
02/03/10 Laura's Hero
01/27/10 Tackling the Virgin Birth
07/07/09 This Too Shall Pass
04/04/09 A Fleeting Moment of Normalcy
01/28/09 Misdirected Loyalties
01/14/09 The Old Geezer
10/21/08 Green Poo
09/17/08 A Second Spin
08/05/08 Bubble Troubles
05/07/08 Until Cleveland
04/26/08 The Evolution of Progress
04/15/08 Like Your Folgers Coffee
02/22/08 Red Carnations and Black Licorice
02/06/08 That Boy
11/28/07 God Created One Erin Brockovich & I'm Not Her
11/14/07 Resurrected Dreams
11/06/07 The Lit Cross Challenge
10/30/07 Shark Bait
10/19/07 Here and Now: My Take On the Song The Baptism of Jesse Taylor
10/16/07 Random Acts of Dessert Auction Kindness
10/10/07 The Monday Before Psalm Sunday Breakthrough
09/08/07 Come Str8 Home
08/25/07 I Love You But...
08/20/07 The Question Box
08/04/07 No Idea
07/26/07 Can't Go There Right Now
07/24/07 Miracle Cure
07/16/07 Blushing Driver, Miracle Baby
07/06/07 Dad's Grocery Run
06/13/07 Midnight
06/04/07 I'm All That---Even In Gym Class
05/30/07 Leap of Faith
05/18/07 With an Outstretched Hand--Non Conventional English Haiku
05/15/07 Rejecting Cricket 1.0
05/10/07 The Unnamed Nanny
04/28/07 Don't Eat the Cabbage
04/21/07 High School Caste System Revolution
04/14/07 Sweet and Sowers: A Deer Hunting Love Story
04/07/07 She had Moxie and $100 for her Trouble
03/14/07 Thriller of an Invitation
03/04/07 Tires and Wind Chimes
02/23/07 The Right Thing To Do
02/18/07 I Read
02/09/07 The Resignation Letter
02/02/07 The Pumpkin Pie Bribe
01/27/07 Two Blue Lines
01/21/07 The Rejected Silhoutte Self-Portrait
01/13/07 The Capital "H" That Could
01/05/07 Vinegar Cookies

Critique Circle Postings
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Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
02/27/2009 Green Poo
02/27/2009 A Second Spin
02/27/2009 Misdirected Loyalties
02/27/2009 The Old Geezer
02/27/2009 No Longer Secret: Sisters
11/06/2008 Just Cleave Already
10/16/2008 The Splinter
08/17/2008 Until Cleveland
08/17/2008 Bubble Troubles
08/03/2008 The Levite Portion
08/03/2008 When You Forget Your Best Friend's Name
06/28/2008 The VBS Crown
05/18/2008 No Record
04/26/2008 Bold Like An Easter Egg Dip
04/26/2008 God Created One Erin Brockovich & I'm Not Her
04/26/2008 That Boy
04/26/2008 Red Carnations and Black Licorice
01/22/2008 My God Does the Impossible
01/22/2008 Can You Give Up Your Passy?
10/25/2007 The Monday Before Psalm Sunday Breakthrough
10/25/2007 Random Acts of Dessert Auction Kindness
09/21/2007 The Question Box
09/21/2007 I Love You But...
09/21/2007 Come Str8 Home
08/20/2007 My Fake Family
08/20/2007 Regurgitating the Dregs
08/20/2007 When It Tastes Like Yogos
08/20/2007 Caught in the Web---What I learned from Spiderman 3
08/20/2007 Because Life is Like Dora the Explorer
08/20/2007 Failure or Wisdom: It's All How You Look At It
08/18/2007 The Answers God Gives
08/18/2007 No Idea
08/18/2007 Miracle Cure
08/18/2007 Just Can't Go There Right Now
07/26/2007 Blushing Driver, Miracle Baby
07/19/2007 Dad's Grocery Run
06/25/2007 Midnight
05/18/2007 The Unnamed Nanny
05/18/2007 The Right Thing To Do
05/18/2007 I Read
05/18/2007 The Resignation Letter
05/18/2007 The Pumpkin Pie Bribe
05/18/2007 The Capital "H" That Could
05/18/2007 The Rejected Silhouette Self-Portrait
05/15/2007 Sweet and Sowers: A Deer Hunting Love Story
05/15/2007 Don't Eat the Cabbage
03/31/2007 Vinegar Cookies
03/31/2007 Two Blue Lines
03/31/2007 Fear's Sneak Attack: How A Doctor's Near Fatal Mistake with our Baby Shook my Faith