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I love this wonderful poem and its reminder of the past - I had almost forgotten the winding of clocks and watches! Really beautiful to read.
Wow. This is a powerful piece. There is such a strong undercurrent in this that makes the reader pause and think. Excellent writing.
Deeply insightful and a pleasure to ponder!
A wonderful mix of pensiveness, nostalgia and challenge - all so simply expressed.
This is a really touching poem which is thought-provoking. The watch could be a symbol of other things of the 21st century. Well-written. Thank you.
The last two lines speak volumes and if considered aptly is equally profound. You did a wonderful job presenting this.
What a wonderfully-written, thought-provoking piece!

I especially loved this part: "it used to be that when the old man died,
the watch died with him,
and they slept in the place that exists between the tick and the tock,
the days of forever,
where time is no more,"

Excellent job! :)
This exquisite free verse poem pulls on the heartstrings. Wow, amazing writing.