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You pulled me into your story and had me continually saying " Simply rebuke their presence by telling them to begone, in the name of Jesus." "It works!" :)

You also did a good job of getting my empathy for you and Tom!
I absolutely loved this. I so can identify with the MC. It is great that she was to be comforted by her Bible. This is well written and held my attention every second.
I used to hear those voices too before Jesus set my free from them. He is so good.
Your MC certainly went to the right place for clarity and comfort. Watch our for changes in tense and a punctuation error in a place or two. Love the message and the feel of the piece.
A moving piece for sure.

I think maybe italizing her thoughts would be helpful, but no big deal. I noticed the tense switches.

The message seemed very clear to me, I'm glad you concluded it on a hopeful note
Love this! Not just for the wonderful way it was told, but because of the underlying truth of its message. How much better all of our lives would be if we simply dwelt more in the word and found God's promised peace/
I wondered while reading if it was just the usual temptations and self-recriminations the devil sends or if the MC had mental problems. If either case, you told the story well, and certainly God is able to soothe the conflicted, no matter the situation.