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I really liked the almost childlike quality of this poem - its simplicity speaks volumes.
This is so smoothly constructed and beautifully stated. I adore everything about this!
This is so well constructed it would make a wonderful hymn. Put it to music!
This flows beautifully; great rhythm and rhyme-I love simple poetry and you covered everything that I pray for too!
An inspiring reminder to acknowledge and include God in every part of our lives.
I enjoyed this the first time I read it and even more so the second. I see this in an anthology Verna or published in an E-Zine. It's beautiful and shows heart and love. Kudos girl!
Lovely! Simply lovely!! I wish I could write poetry like you do!! :)

I especially liked these lines from the last stanza:
"Then when the moon has scaled the heights
To end the realm of sun"
They're so lyrical!

GREAT job!!
I prayed this along as I read it. How could I not? Just the words and thoughts of my heart. How did you know?

Wonderful prayer and I was touched that it takes you through the day... morning 'til evening. Excellent!
Beautiful and meaningful. Two thumbs up!
Beautiful...This should be in a book of inspirational poetry. I especially loved your closing lines. Well done!
Wonderful--I love the fact that none of your rhythm or rhymes felt at all forced--It just flowed so simply and beautifully.
This was wonderfully written. The bible says we should pray continually, and so many of us, don't know what that looks like. You have shown what continual prayer looks like. Thank you!
I really like this... :) So sweet and innocent.
Who needs Helen Steiner Rice? We have Verna. Beautiful my dear, simply beautiful.
What a WONDERFUL poem for our country. This needs to read on Memorial Day, on the 4th of July, on the National Day of Prayer and every day in between!