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I loved the ending--even when I saw it coming in your cute story.
Love the clever twist at the end...poor Patience...imagine having to live up to that name your whole life!
Hehe This was good. I especially like the "payback for my name" bit. Too cute. :)
Very Cute story! I bet Patty liked her name better after learning the story behind it -well, maybe not at twelve, but eventually. You did a great job with the writing of this.
Very clever.
very nice. i cheated a little bit and skipped ahead. sorry, but i had to know what was gonna happen. very well written. love it!
Good story!
Good story, great dialogue. My son never liked his name, and now his daughter is complaining about hers, sigh....sometimes you just can't win.
Love it! "Have Patience," indeed!
I loved the ending where they told her to "have Patience," and then she did. Very cute story! A lot of fun to read!

Thank you for sharing this. :)
What a fun entry! Loved this!
Cute story! I liked how it pulled me in quickly and piqued my curiosity. I figured her name was patience about halfway through, but when the topic subject is 'patience' it's kind of hard to maintain the mystery till the end. Nice Job.