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I loved the imagery of walking with a physical Jesus down the path. This also taught a great lesson. Very applicable. Thanks!
Fascinating take on the topic. I definitely was not expecting the three men to be the MC. Very good - much to ponder!
What an incredible analogy. I was touched by the gentle writing style that packed a powerful message.
This story left me deeply touched. I had to ask myself "How many times have I been hiding from Him?"

A lot of people need to hear this story. I hope you share it with as many people as possible.
The gentle approach to strong truth comes across so well in your writing here. I'm no literature professional but as I began reading, it was necessary for me to read this sentence a few times: "...He were looking forward to the walk even more that myself..." Would "was" be more proper than "were?" Also, "that" should be "than". Once I read beyond that, everything went smoothly and very enjoyable.
A lot of insight here. Loved the twist at the end. Sure wasn't thinking the 3 men were your MC. Well done.
You got me with the twist too. This was well done, a good read!
Great take on the subject with a powerful truth. Great job.
I have trained you well, but you are not a Jedi yet. (smiles)

I enjoyed reading this. It's amazing how one can be so blind to their own life's questions.