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Cute and clever. I like your use of repetition.
LOVE this! The dynamics, the rhythm, the alliteration, the repetition. Well done.
I like how you contrasted the two men: one speaking and the other doing. Definitely on topic. I also liked the alliteration. *grin*
I loved this, especially the first two stanzas, which were different and fun.
Wonderful! I loved, loved, loved this part "Jeremy took her in his truck
Wherever she wanted to go."
How cute is this! I could almost hear you reading this out loud to your class at Charlotte Latin and tapping the desk with your fingernails when you read, "talk, talk, talk!"
It was original and very well done!
So clever and on topic. Great fun!
This was a delightful read. My favorite part was how you described Madam Springtime. One part bothered me though and that was wondered, wondered, wondered. Probably because the rest read tap, tap tapping or dance, dance, dancing and this one did not change. But I don't know how you would do it differently so... Looking forward to reading more of your work.
That was so clever and fun to read!
You do excell at story-poems!
I liked the way you took a somewhat diffrent route with this one and expanded a bit, using both rhyme and free verse form, alliteration and other techniques. Enjoyable and great characters!
All I can say, is three cheers for level-headed Mary: ) Now, if only all of us could be so astute.
I could hear this one as I read, so well done.
Cute! I liked Jeremy and I'm glad that Sweet Mary chose him, the last verse is great advice! I loved the part where he left flowers for her though. That was so sweet! ^_^
What a sweet poem! I have a mental picture in my mind of the two lovebirds taking a walk togther. Very darling, sweet lady.
Love this, Verna dear! Great job, as always.
What a perfect poem for this topic. I absolutely loved the picture you've painted with these lines,
"Timid mountain laurel in cap of pink and white
Flirted with waving boughs of balsam,
While bold red rhododendron shrubs
Were dance, dance, dancing
With dazzling azaleas in pink and lilac gowns,"

This is beautiful Verna!
This is such a beautiful story-poem. My favorite line: "When Night had dropped his purple curtain...." (so visual!)

You have such a way with words; I relish the reading of them. Thank you, too, for leaving a comment on my "Good News Alphabet." You are such a dear heart!