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Very touching and real, delivered by someone with an empathetic heart. Wasn't it Thomas Wolfe who said, "you can't go home again." Truer words were never said, but until we come to realize that ourselves it is great to have someone nearby to listen to our grieving hearts.
I know who this is! :D

Your language is so visual and intricate and tactile - love especially the paragraph about the muted colors and such. Almost poetry. Wonderful piece.
I really liked the caring father in your story. The message was clearly articulated and was something I hadn't thought of before.
As a pastor's wife, the experience of pulling up roots, leaving close friends, and the resulting caring for a child's sad heart is all too familiar. You've described it perfectly in this touching piece. Beautifully written!
It seems really exciting to move at first when you're young. But as the days and weeks pass, sometimes the finality of it all finally sinks in. Thanks for sharing this poignant story. It brought a lot of memories back to me about being young while experiencing the pain of moving.
You've described well the pain your daughter is experiencing and how you are dealing with it. While you are doing that I know God will give you the strength and the grace to cope.
I've read so many of this week's stories--most of them dealing with death and major calamities--but this little girl's grief is the one that has touched me the deepest. You're a skillful writer with lots of heart.
I like seeing this through a father's eyes. Sometimes we think kids are "young and will adjust," but we don't always let them grieve. Well done.
Well written, and interesting to see how the daughter's grief found its way out much later than everyone else's.
Boo-hoo Glenn! With two kids of my own, this one kind of choked me up. Thanks for sharing your insight. As usual, your thoughts and analogies are spot-on. And it goes without saying (but I will anyway) that the writing is excellent too. :-)
This reminds me of me. Sometimes we manage to bury our sorrows and plunge straight into life's new twist with a happy face. I'm glad the she finally let go of her 'vial of sorrows'. Great job, nice poetic touch.
I love how compassionate the father is in this story. Great writing.
There's a lot of truth in this piece.

Sometimes grief sneaks up on us, and sometimes all we need to get us through it is a hug and a shoulder to cry on.

Very nicely done!
What a wonderful dad the MC is. I loved the voice and tone of this. It flowed nicely and was beautifully written. Nice!