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What a great subject for 'unsung hero' - very clever and beautifully executed. I'm glad I'm not judging this week - only read three so far and they could all be winners!
I LOVE Bible stories and this one works great!

Great POV of the one responsible for delivering and keeping safe the Holy Words of God.

I enjoyed this story very much. ;)
I am running out of words to compliment these great stories. It appears everyone has saved their best for last. Excellent work. I enjoy Bible based stories. This was very anointed and inspiring. A hero, for sure. God bless.
This was really good and it was an excellent idea for the topic. But since you were concerned about word choices fitting the era, I have two suggestions.

Where you said: “Are you crazy?”

“Just thought it would be a nice thing to do.” My words sounded lame...

it sounds a bit too modern to me. Maybe change crazy to "a lunatic" or "mad" and I'm not sure lame would have been used in that way back then, but don't know what would have been better. :P

I probably wouldn't have noticed either word if you hadn't made me think about it. They really are just a small thing to fix in such a good story. Hope you place highly, like usual. :)
The scriptures are full of names: people about whom we have little or no information. How nice to hear the "voice" of one of those many "unsung heroes of the faith." Great job.
You've made your characters very "real" and touchable. Enjoyed coming alongside the passion of Epaphroditus. :-)
I don't often think of how hard it was for Paul to simply send a letter. Thanks for this beautifully written story from the view of the "mailman". If not for the heroes who delivered them, we might not have Paul's words today.
Another GREAT Bible story added to the collection. You've shown an excellent view of this man determination to see his task complete. Well done.
So incredibly vivid and engaging. Your detail is absolutely riveting. Excellent work!
Good job--I really like behind-the-scenes Bible stories. I think there might be a few anachronisms of speech here--nothing major. Great character development!
This is a unique take on the topic. The first paragraph drew me in, and the story kept me there. We don't often think of how things happened in the bible, but you showed us how one incident could have taken place. Well done.
Could almost feel the pain in his shoulders, side, and legs. Great descriptions. The reading of the message greeting at the end seemed like a satisfying 'Ah' after a good meal. Thanks for bringing the story of Epaphroditus to life.
A very nice depiction of a stirring Bible story. Very well done. Thanks for sharing this.