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A real "hip' version of that first Fast Food drive through, eh? Something quick and easy that still makes our teeth ache today - along with that newly invented four letter word that causes sweat on the brow, dirty hands and aching backs. Yes, we sure do have a bone to pick with our First earth parents when we meet them face to face.

An "off the wall" and change of pace type entry, but enjoyable; plus a welcome relief from the hum-drum and mundane. Thanks bunches.
Nicely done with humor and modern language. However, you missed one point - Genesis 3:6: gave some to her husband, who was with her -- I think it's significant that Adam just watched what happened. I do like this, though, it gave me a good laugh.
Entertaining and delightful way to weave a great message!!
This is so cute - I love the "world's first wedgy"! This is clever. I can tell you had fun writing this one!
I loved this! Great job!
Loved the story. My favorite line was "I seem to recall quite a few more ribs where that one came from…so if you don’t wanna bend a few rules to please Adam, I’m sure God…”
How much like our adversary to appeal to our flesh! Wish I could lay the blame on our representatives, but had I been there, it would only have been a matter of time...
Great job!
This is excellent!