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This was such a heartbreaking story to read. So sad that even as his friend you could not help him see God cared for him and treasured him. It had to be hard to watch him self destruct and not be able to reach out and help. Everyone handles rejection so differently. For some in this same position, they realize they couldn't control the first 18 years but can control the rest of their lives. They walk away from the hurt and build a life for themselves. i've often wondered "how and why" the differences? The people who make it seem to have found someone who told them about God and for some reason it took. So sad for the Patricks who couldn't get beyond the earthly pain of living. A heart breaking story but one that speaks clearly that not only if favoritism wrong, the damage is sometimes irrepairable.
Sad story, I am glad you wrote it down. I hope it helps someone.
A vital story, as it is based in truth. You have painted a window of warning into the future. I pray readers will stop and pause, looking through the panes of your words, praying it will touch someone whose spirit has been badly bruised by the vice of favoritism. A powerful read! - Nancy