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The Emperor seems to personify all that is bad about greatness. The recognition that for all his greatness his life is meaningless is well made.
Wonderful descriptive writing, truly a case of greatness gone bad. This really drives home the point that power with no higher purpose is, as you said, meaningless.
Masterful writing! Another example of why your BoB!!
Power corrupts, and Absolute power corrupts absolutely.. Yet there is that which these cannot stand against... Hope in eternal salvation. Well done Maxx.
I lost my original comment in cyberspace, so I'll start over. First of all, the title, while simple, sets the reader up to look for grace somewhere in what follows. I'm glad you chose the attribute grace, because the Emperor did not appear to believe in mercy for anyone.

You described the whole scene very well. The part I kept trying to figure out was the time in which this took place. I'm thinking, because you mentioned solar systems that the Emperor could destroy, that this is in the future. Yet the Emperor wore armor like in the medieval times and they had their conversation in a castle.

The dialogue, of course, was excellent.

Just a couple of typos that slipped by: "the exotic sent" (scent) and "He spit with escalating thunder" (perhaps spat to match the past tense of the rest of the article?)

Great intensity, as usual, Maxx.
I thought I was reading someone else's but it didn't take long to clue in that this is a Maxx entry! Brilliant wordsmithing, as usual. One sentence I especially admire is: "Pinpoint incarnations of flame accentuated eyes black as pitch." Wow! You're a true master!
I in no way feel qualified to comment, except to say it is riviting and intense. Wonderful descriptive language. Wow! I loved it.
My eyes were glued to my monitor! Great work as usual Maxx.
Very well done, as usual. You always paint such vivid pcitures with your words.
Wow ... Did I say wow? Wow ... I couldn't have stopped reading if wanted to. Good job Maxx.
Is it just me or do you use two words for your titles of the stories that deal with the "darker side of life?" Just an observation.

Well, I love reading your stories. You have an amazing way of bringing a fictional setting to life and allowing your readers to take what they want from the story. My favorite line was this one, "The floor was dark there, stained with blood where his father had been tortured, murdered. Never broken." NEVER BROKEN! Wow. Powerful. One of those lines that speak HUGE volumes. A beautiful depication of the corruption of greatness and what truly is great. You make the reader think. I want to hear your thought son this piece.