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Very nice story. Thank you for sharing.
A touching story. Thank you writing and sharing it.
A neat story with a unique perspective. Thanks for writing.
After reading everybody, including the nurse or doctor saying "ain't that great" - I was so delighted to see the words..."How Great Thou Art" at the end. Thank you for sharing this story with us.
I have tears in my eyes. This is wonderful.
What a remarkable job, fitting an entire life's story within the word limit.
Your lead sentence is just perfect, both as a hook for the reader and as a summary of what's in store.
I liked the way your format of flashbacks kept my eyes glued to the screen. Nice work!
I found this a really moving story. You drew me in as you gave us various snippets of his life ... each exploring a different aspect of greatness, and each building upon the other to portray a life. The life shown seemed to have the complexities of a real life.

Well done, indeed!
I had to reread it to get it all and then when I did I loved it more as I saw him replaying his life as they tried to bring him back to life. Very creative!! Good work!
Wow! And I'll say it again, Wow! This story set me to wondering what 'snapshots' of my life I will see when I cross the river.

I especially thought the symbolism of "valleys he struggled through, rivers he swum [swam] across, and mountains he climbed" and "meadows of sticker bushes poked his arms and legs, and muddy river water went up his nose and made him cough. There was an ache in his arms and legs too, like he just finished a long steep climb" for his life walk was effective.

The final six paragraphs, which includes the ending Scripture passage, were masterful.
I was especially touched by the words "Welcome home, Great Heart." Just perfect.