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I've had a similar thing happen, when a "voice on the radio" seemed to be speaking exactly to me. Good job!
God knows how to reach out, even through the radio. Well written, very realistic!
I like this story, I don't know why it only has one comment ... ummm, two counting mine ;-)

Good job.
I really like this! You made my heart go out to busy moms...And descriptively captured the sense of 'overload,' along with the blessed relief of plugging into His power!

Your fifth paragraph is where I suggest you concentrate. Although it's well-written, the pace can be wonderfully picked up with more 'showing' rather than the explanatory background you gave. You could use a conversation, or series of events as they actually happen, to keep the action flowing.

Have fun with it, and be encouraged--you're doing great!
Excellent. Oh, how I can relate to these words. Good job.
A voice on the radio was instrumental in my finding Christ - in the choas, He is the only calm and peace. Thanks for writing this well-done article.
Very realistic entry about the life of a busy mom and how the Holy Spirit can bring balance & calm to her hectic life.

Good job!
Thanks - we all needed that! Amazing how life can get in the way of living.
So real -- I was right there in the minivan struggling to sit still and listen to the voice of God speak. Good job! :)
My minivan is silver, not gold, but you got the smell right. ;P And I've only got three kids, though if I try to take them anywhere, it easily feels like five. You've really captured the feelings of this overtired mom and I've read this just at the right time. Thanks so much for writing this. :)
Thanks for sharing & reminding me that there are other's out there run around in circles and somedays feel they don't have enough time for God but in reality if only we made time for Him our day would be so much smoooother.


FYI I'm a mother of two & have 3 step children, no minivan...boys go in dads truck girls go with mom. Oh how I can relate.
How did you jump into my life?! A similar situation happened to me yesterday. I was feeling crushed under the weight of worry and I tearfully asked my husband to pray for me. While I was at work, I felt the Lord lift my burden and replace it with His peace. I had never felt anything like it. My day ended up infinitely better than it started out. Great article.