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This is gorgeous--a nod to classical poetry, with wonderful word choices and great depth of meaning.

I don't think you needed the apostrophes in words like 'pon and 'cept--the poem isn't strictly rhythmic, so they weren't needed for metrical purposes, and they simply distracted. Your beautiful language more than adequately captured the classical "mood" that you were going for.

I really loved this.
Marvelous -- traditional sacred verse, full of depth and sublime imagery! I loved this: "That this mote of rock – flotsam in a sable sea of space
Should catch thine eye and bring thy Spirit to ponder..." Whew! You go right to the core of my tiny brain and make me ponder, too! I feel the awe, the unsuppressable wonder and praise of Him from whom all things flow. A real gem!
Beautiful. I love the way you painted such a beautiful masterpiece with such well chosen words.
Divinly beautiful, simply elegant and classic, like a marvelous hymn. God is good and your words express it so well.
Wow! A DAVEY for best classical performance.
You have did again, absoultely awesome!!
What a delight, David! I love it all in its classical lyricism, but will especially point out stanza four and the mirror imagery there...wonderful!! Thank you.
Terrific job David. Such a humbled voice in this piece of beauty. Great imagery in your writing. Good job!
This is magnificent! Too stunning for words! I savored every moment.