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Very profound and beautiful. The interspersed story of the pine works really well. I love the way you showed us some of the paradoxes of the Kingdom - freedom through surrender, life through death. Isn't God amazing the way he works? Fantastic.
Probably one of the most gut-wrenching and powerful pieces I've read on that decision-making moment of choosing life over death. This was honest and real. Very easy to follow and packed a good punch. It really all does come down to surrender. And then comes the peace. From the title to the ending, you did an excellent job!
This is an awesome piece and a great read from beginning to end. Your weaving was brilliant and so was the process you depicted of the struggle to relinquish self- control to receive God's control in our life. A good job and a blessing to read.
Interesting! The way you interwove the tree and the person was very effective. In the end, I figured it was a seed, right? (Or am I majorly missing the plot?) Just as the 'old self' of the person was really just the seed covering for the new.
This is like a braid, the three strands beautifully interwoven, and becoming a strong, strong entry. Really wonderfully written.
This was beautiful and yet powerful at the same time. I really needed this message this week.

One correction: "My face bowed in holy reference." I think you meant reverence.

I liked the juxtaposition of the struggle of the pine tree and the wind with the personal struggle of the created with the Creator. Excellent comparison!
Great job, Jessica!
I really liked the part where you ended each struggle with a one word description. The final "surrender" fitted beautifully. What an accurate picture of what it's like to turn from sin. I did struggle a bit with the beginning, but it made sense as I kept reading. Surrending to God is a sweet, but fatal thing to the flesh! Thanks for sharing!
This was fantastic. I really got a sense of the struggle - in so many different areas. Very honest emotions, too. Great job!
Powerful. You obviously experienced this life and death struggle. Isn't God amazing? Life can only come through death, and yet as painful as that death may appear, once experienced, we discover it was only the decision that caused the pain. Beautiful.
So many layers of life, love, struggle, sin, death, renewel! It's all here and woven so beautifully, and seemingly, so easily! Hope we continue to read more! ;) ;)
What else is there to say, this is very good. I don't like the bold, but that's just me.
Penetrating, convicting, masterfully written! You so beautifully matched the simplicity and power of the written, 3-way drama to the stark, powerfully honest nature of the message.
"...the unmasked beauty of His presence" was rich. When we stop trying to hide from Him, He unveils Himself to us! A treasure!
Powerful message, Superb!