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Beautiful! Isn't it something how even those selfish motives can be used for God's glory... an amazing story of love and a changed heart.
I love this - love the voices, and the way you portrayed the turn-around - with subtlety and credibility. Hope you do well with this.
Okay, bear with me on this comment because it gets better as it goes on - ok? I was fairly irritated with this piece early on. The woman's insensitivity, her unwillingness to "see" the people she was there to help, etc. I'm thinking to myself, as I read, "this is totally unbelievable. People who think this way and feel this way don't show up and give a stranger a $1000 bucks." Then you drop the twist, and everything snapped into place. It's amazing that you got me with a cheap trick like that! <:) But you did and then you wound the story up so quick that I had a tear in my eye before I could steel myself against the emotion. NOT FAIR. Anyway, a decent job...I guess...
Of course, I was kidding with that last comment. I thought it was great work!
I was a little bit unclear about the nature of this contest, but you did a very good job with the dialog writing and with character development. A very intriguing story.
Good characters, good commentary on the callous and insensitive nature that sometimes characterizes those blessed with much...and how God can change their hearts.
Not fair indeed! I'm a guy, I hate it when I weep! I love it when a simple story is that powerful though. well, done!