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Wow, this is truly incredible. You have touched on every type of despair situation tht requires hope to continue walking. beautiful work.
Indeed, of all the things we can not afford to lose, hope is the one. Well done.
Beautiful writing. I love this : ' Based on what evidence could we
Call a wound a blessing?
A Cancer a cure?
A death a birth?
Is there anyway we could still
Hope? '
Very well done, beautifully written. I really enjoyed this.
First things first here, I don't see where you clearly covered the topic. Yes, throwing in the word "hope" here and there does a fine job in pretending, but I tend to disagree.

Next, the rhythm is completely off. I can't stand free verse that runs rampant and ragged through its own lines.

And why would you capitalize cancer and not "Shepherd"? Is the sickness greater than the healer?

I've read better than this in beginners.
Here's the heart of the matter:

"Faith says dare to believe.
Look up, look forward, look again.
Despite the betrayal,
Despite the theft,
Dare to call the end a beginning,

Unique format and flow.