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There's "Hope" for this young man...and also for the writer who wrote this charming entry. I liked it, was thoroughly engaged until the very "nicely put" ending. Good job.
Sounds like the prayers of the mom and daughter are "paying off" in this story! Good writing and I liked the imagery of the mirror and the exit sign!
I want to know who you are! Great story, great movement and flow. I was hooked and you delieved an excellent non "preachy" story with tons of substance. Well done and Conrgats!
Poignant story well told. Great sense of place. Pity there wasn't enough room for us to see his emotional journey from the 'exit' sign to Maccas.
All I can say is WOW. You did an excellent job of describing a man who has hit rock bottom and had a sudden epiphany. Best of all, it was absolutely believable. Normally these types of stories are tough to swallow, but yours is both wonderfully subtle and terribly sad all at once. Even the kind little old lady directing him to a more "profitable" game was a great touch. I think this one's a winner.
Creative - Winner written all over this one.
"Greed had dealt him a good hand". Very creative and poetic. I think this is a winner.
I agree! This one sure sounds like a winner!

Awesome job!!