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Well done! And I love the title. Very smooth buildup to a delightful ending. Unquenchable joy, unsinkable peace,dreamy little smile...Yep, that's exactly what He does to me, too.
Sweet! I love the title, the description of a woman drifting through her day on a cloud and the ending. Great job.
I really like this - falling in love with Jesus is what we all must do. Very well done and held my attention throughout.
I had a sneaking suspicion about where you were going. Delightful! Good job.
Great stuff. Nice piece.
I figured it out about half-way through, but that didn't subtract from the charm of this story--it added to it. I liked this a lot!
This is an awesome take on a story that's familiar to all of us. The day we met Him. Great job. Loved it.
I kinda had a feeling that this was where the story was going but I wasn't sure. Falling in love with Jesus is a wonderful thing. There is never a dull moment and He will never leave you.
Nicely done. I liked the part about the "book". :0)
If only that beginning 'in love' feeling would stay as strong through the toughest times! You captured the new Christian's passion perfectly. Great job!