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Oh the love of self -- it leaves very little room to express love to anyone else or to God. Hey, at least Lawton is headed in the right direction...he's admitted there's a problem! Great writing, very funny, great descriptions! Thoroughly enjoyed!
WOW! one of my favorites of yours! (I don't know what you were talking about) This is right on topic. Shocking. I absolutely loved this. Amazing, brillant, incredibly well written. Well crafted. A+ (Do I sense a win. Will the judges aprove this? hmmm...time will tell) Great job!
P.S. I see those guys every day and now I will never be able to look at them the same. "Play that funky music" was pure genius
A creatively slick angle on love, to be sure! Excellent writing. I tend to look for a main character to draw my sympathy; however, there's no denying your extraordinary talent for drama and description! Narcissist or abuse victim, we all have the same basic challenge with self-worship, yes?
Pure creative genius! I laughed all the way through it (except while fighting down a wave of nausea over the Pam & sweaty-palm hair-slick thing :o)
Very very funny - and a really creative take on the topic.
Utterly hilarious, and a totally unique approach to the topic. Wonderful!
How funny and gross! This guy needs to be dipped into a bubble bath and his clothes sent to the incinerator! I'd hate to have to clean the ring out of that bathtub! This is a humorous story that kept me reading right to the very end.
Absolutely wonderful. Who woulda thunk? I loved it.
Love it! Creative and well written. Wonderful entry.
Gross, out-of-the-box and funny! Why did John Travolta come to mind when he was walking down the street? :) Great voice Kenny,Hmmmm.... I wonder why! ;) Fantastic, but still gross.
What a hilarious character study! I don't THINK I know anyone like Lawton. Great definition of narcissism! Had to explain it to my daughters, though. BTW, they loved it, too.
What can I say, it was the best entry last week. Darn those Masters for hogging all the EC spots! LOL. Waiting for the book.

Yuck! Yet fabulous! Well done! And congratulations on the win - fantastic writing.
Congratulations Ken. This was hilarious and so well written. I loved the Funky Music reference too. Great job!
What an hysterically funny character you've created! You'd better write a book so this can be made into a movie (he could give "What About Bob?" a run for top honors). Your title didn't grab me, or I might have read this before you won first place---by the way: CONGRATULATIONS! This deserves top honors and wide dissemination! (I'm still shaking my head at the CRAZY ideas you put into this guy's behavior.)
Your win was certainly well-deserved. This is HILARIOUS! The only problem is that now "Funky Music" is stuck in my head. Thanks a lot.