The Official Writing Challenge
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I had forgotten to ask to enter. Knock and the door shall be opened. The answer was simplicity itself.
Thanks for the message.
The reclining chair next to me which up until now had been emptied was suddenly filled the presence of a thin, frail looking woman.

First off, I loved the story, have spent many nights in the hospital with my daughter when she had ADEM. I could see it all the way you described things. Jut thought this sentance was ackward because if the person was thin, and frail. . .how could they fill a chair. I'd make a suggestion on how to fix this, but that would be a mistake you'll have to email me for. Good Job!
Good job with the writing and with a message that we all need to be reminded of constantly.
Good stroy. Great emotion. Thanks for submitting this. Ya done good.
I thought about what I said a little more and wanted to add that I'm not even sure what I pointed out needs fixing. Perhaps it's such a common way to say this that it really doesn't matter. :) Anyhooo, kudos on a job well done.