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This was so good! You had me all the way through and the ending was perfect. Good way in describing her anxiety..made me wish I could have helped somehow! Love the stranger as an angel.
A wonderful story and a supurb title! Gave me chills as I read it. I do believe in angels! Thanks for the lovely story.
What mother could read this and not empathize? So well-written. I love how the stranger touched the boys heads in benediction. Good job.
Great story, and the last two lines were the clinchers. Loved it.
Beuatiful story. This happened to my mother, and my brother and I, as we flew to Morocco to meet up with my dad stationed on a base there. Angels Unawares. You never know. I certianly could empathize with the mother - that's how it always seems to happen! Good job on this!
The story is told beautifully.

You wrote on the hints page that you've "had a lousy week" ... I hope this story isn't true ... I mean, the angel part is lovely and all, but oh, dear, what an awful, awful time. My nephew and niece have a condition somewhat like diabetes, and so I can well imagine the stress......
Awesome - gave me chills - well done :)
God writes the best stories, and this sounds too good NOT to be a true story! And, what a wrap-up in that ending! Thank you for a gripping and very satisfying read!
Very well-written story! My sister experienced a similar situation as well. Congratulations on the win!
Great story! I especially loved the last line.
Is it bad to say this made me want to laugh? I could soooo relate to the mom dealing with too many mommy things for her two hands and could just picture the look she'd have on her face in the middle of all that was going on. :) Oh yes, uh, it was very touching and beautiful too. ;) Congratulations on a great story!