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I love self-deprecating humor, and you've done it very well. Gave me chuckles all the way through, especially visualizing that tumble downstairs as you try to maintain your dignity.
Reminds me of the time I was telling a story to the congregation about some cockroach experience in Colombia, and unaware, scratched myself as though I had brought the little beasts with me. The audience laughed and I had no idea why until later. But I bet they didn't forget me soon. God does work in odd ways sometime (and through odd people). Good job. Blessings.
I don't know what to say. It stayed on topic. The format was good. However, I personally did not like it. I think it may be a matter of personal taste though - no one is going to have everyone like everything they write. You write well, keep writing.
Now, that's a person who doesn't have a problem with honesty! LOL Anyone else care to make my day too? tee hee
I enjoyed this. Reminded me of myself! I learned a long time ago to laugh with people after one of my 'stunts.' It's a whole lot better than crying. Especially when I come out of church and fall on my butt in the mud. And everyone thinks it's hilarious! LOL! Though the very next week that area was covered in fresh gravel. See how helpful we are? LOL! Great writing!
I sure can relate to some of these levels of clumsiness and clutziness. (toes can be a problem too!)

And maybe this person's gift doesn't lie in the visual humor others will write about, but in the humor she writes about that others can visualize! Godly written humor - a true gift! And you've got it! :)
While I can totally relate to being a clutz (I'm constantly covered in bruises and can't remember why), but sorry, I have to agree with Andre. There were some funny images, but it seemed to kind of ramble, like you had a bit of an idea and tried to stretch it.
One of the ways you make people laugh is being so open about your clutziness (sp?) and giving a good laugh to far more people even that originally laughed. See, I can see this because I'm one of those people too. Sometimes I think that surely everyone else did as many dumb things as us, but just never lets on.

Goofiness isn't altogether bad - we do brighten the days of many people. Anyhow, I'm kind of sorry for your daughter, but kind of glad for the people with whom her life interacts.

A long comment here on the content, I know. Anyhow, keep up with the good job of bringing a smile to the people around you ... or of being increasingly 'all together' (too bad......)
Very well done - (laughing quietly) :)
No wonder you're getting hate mail ... you're recommending Jim Carey movies! Arrrgghhh! I gotta get Uncle Guido after you for that! ;-)

My only concern with this was that it was written like you were making a serious complaint (complete with feelings of resentment, etc) about a humorous topic. I felt conflicted, do I laugh or sympathize?!?

Otherwise, the writing was fine and the point well made. Good job!
Who was more visual than The Three Stooges... or Jerry Lewis, Peter Sellers, Chevy Chase? Even the poor little AFLAC duck has trouble staying upright. Maybe it is the short end of the SLAPSTICK? :0)
Very cute, Jo. You make ME smile (...and you think Uncle Guido is a tough audience?) LOL