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Masterful writing! I could hear the beast's bellows and feel the fear. I'd read this novel in a heartbeat. Reminded me of a great Peretti novel and also the story of David and Goliath. Very good stuff.
This was written beautifully. (Sounds a little like a famous FW author!)Great job.
I love it, I love it, I love it! But there's just one problem, the end! I feel left hanging (but maybe that was the point). At any rate, I would love to see what happens next? How does Geoff defeat the dragon? Please share with us the rest.

Thanks, and God bless,

Skillfully written to be sure; well described, the feel, the atmosphere, the tension, the whole package -- except for a disappointing ending. Certainly some of the rising action and description could have been sacrificed to deliver on what was well-promised; while we are assured Good will indeed triumph moral-wise, there is not sufficient within the foreshadowing to bring us a resolution within the story. All in all, however, very very good. Jazzed me.
Amazing! I absolutely love medieval/gothic stories! I could see the terrified mother and sister and feel the fear in the household. Truly captivating! I agree with everyone else; you must write the ending so we all know what happens! :-)
Wonderful! I could visualize the scene perfectly, and I love the fact that you left us to determine the ending. An expert story-teller.
Is this a midieval David and Goliath? Cool! Great useage of words to grab hold of the reader and not let go. Heavy, entertaining and truely Gothic. You did it!
Love the premise; this could easily be expanded into a good one-act play. I can visualize the setting: A somewhat dismal shanty and an open window in which an orange glow/flashes become increasingly brighter. Light-colored costumes could set the characters apart from their gloomier surroundings. Where do I buy a ticket?
So...does he defeat the dragon? Figure he does, but can't wait to hear "the rest of the story..." Good job.
If you haven't written 'the end' as part of an 'enter' entry, you're in BIG trouble.

Okay, okay, so I suppose that's a begrudged compliment. You've sucked us in and left us clamouring for more. Well done.
As always, your words transport my mind to a different world. The scenes, the emotions ... Very well done.
Ditto to the above remarks; well done! Whether Geoff survives the battle or not is irrelevant; his faith wins him eternity. You create empathic ties deftly and with few words. Kudos!
A wonderful adventure and I'd like to read the rest of it.
"The walls of the shanty trembled anew, shaken by unearthly gusts." How about an epic poem? Your first sentence grabbed me (oh, what delicious rhythm!) and I had to relish the taste over and over. Reminds me a bit of The Highwayman, or The Raven! I had to read the whole thing, just because of your first sentence! I want to read the poem!
Masterfully always....I'm wondering...don't you have any books we can read? I so enjoy your short challenge entries. I'd love to read some of your books!
Good writing. I love it when a message is stressed on FAITH. Beautiful.
A masterpiece, as usual, with a good dose of relational angst.

Loved these lines:

"“The only thing I hold in abundance. Faith.” He backed from her, feet unwilling to turn away.

She blinked. “And courage.” A crystal tear fell past her quivering lips, moistening the ground below."

God's faithfulness will prevail! Now where are chapters 2 through 10?!?!

Incredible. Nice job Frank Per..I mean Maxx. I really liked this. The descriptions were vivid.. beautiful. I loved this sentance, "The cloak fit well about his shoulders." That sentance spoke volumes about how he was stepping into his destiny and it was time to battle. Incredible story. I think I could find a few stories in there. I would probably have to read it a few more times to grasp every metaphor and each different storyline you weaved in there. I really loved your characters. Very well written and well paced. Great work.