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I loved how you passed the torch of help between the different characters, demonstrating how it is futile to help others without the help Christ. I thought it was well written with the exception of a few minor grammar errors such as, "No. There is nothing on this world for live like his, Catherine." Overall, good job.
Good story - held my interest. Stumbling over several typos detracted. MS Word ususally catches these for me.
Oh, very good! This reminds me of certain media-types who have their own followings, and who seem to have answers, but they have nothing at all. Great job.
I'm so sorry about the typos... I did proof read the story, but I typed it on a Spanish keyboard and was transcribing in a hurry from my own laptop and I don't think it showed me the odd characters...
My very own words flashing back to me... "There is nothing that I can do to help another... but I know Who can." Very well done Little Sparrow. (Even with that mexican keyboard.. :-) )
A Spanish keyboard ... now there's an interesting justification for typos ;-)

Your beginning was very strong - the motivational speaker who had it all together ... but you unravelled her very well.
Powerful stuff
Very good story! I am THRILLED to see how your spelling has improved over the years! ROFL!
Love you Amy dear:)