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I read this today and thought how true it was. I know my husband and I are anomolies in this - I have been to 3 churches in my entire life and only moved because (a) I moved countries and then (b) I moved states! My husband has been in 2 churches. But I know that sometimes stickng it out seems so hard and using the old saw, "God is leading me in another direction" is just a cop-out.

I have a friend who is a pastor who does write 'true' letters of reference. He has been thanked by the pastors of the other churches because they get fair warning. It has not made him popular, but I think it is good.
Interesting... let's see, I'm on my 4th church in 52 years, so I'm not a hopper.

I pray you can make the most of relationships that may not last forever. You and they can have a big impact on one another. As I read, I thought of the hundreds of foster children who join families for short times, forever changed by families- forever changing them.

Your writing is succinct and clear but the tone sounds like whining and complaining. I was hoping for some insight and humor or clever wording and sentence variety.

After more than 30 years in ministry, I know the truth of what you have written. We like to err on the side of the positive, the "christian". The same goes for problem pastors and missionaries who go from church to church, mission to mission, and nobody says anything. Honesty with love is always the best policy.The sin of omission is just as grave as the sin of commission. Well stated.
My heart goes out to this pastor-writer. Would that every congregation could recognize that it is a family that sticks together through thick and thin, praying, preaching, teaching, going (to the mission field, that is).

We can view this church-hopping situation as an opportunity, however, to welcome these transients, praying something they pick up in our midst sticks with them when they travel on to the next "soup kitchen."