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Intriguing, gripping, and inspiring. GREAT job on this!
Wow -this is cool!
Whoa - this gave me chills! It feels like there was a 'before' story in this and I would like to read it! Adventurous, which is hard to accomplish - good stuff here! I enjoyed the ride!
I love your paragraph that begins with "But the time came..." Great job at creating a whole novel in 750--rising action, climax, resolution, the whole nine yards. Superb!
Yeah, how'd you do all that in 750 words. Expand on this - let it breathe a bit - there's a much bigger story in there. VERY WELL DONE!!!
Pack, all the previous comments in here and double 'em, and you'll have what I've got to say about your story.
Well done.

God bless,

Great story! Enjoyed it!
Talk about putting me on the edge of my seat...WOW! This was a very exciting read. I even went back and read it a second time because I read so fast the first time. I rushed through it so I could find out what happened at the end! Thanks for a GREAT story!
wow .. .talk about action! Very good ... and I love the resolution. This was classic, Amy. Ya knocked it outta the park!
Just as exciting the second time around! Whoa!