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Ha ha ha ha ha! Your title caught my eye, and your humour kept my attention all the way through. There were a few too many similes for my liking, but at least they were all original and funny. Great job!
Okay. Not everyone will like this, but I sure did! Vote for Louis!
I think you need to be doing stand up comedy! Funny writing!
I loved the humor in this, even the darker humor surrounding Boots near the end. Didn't quite understand the correlation between your title and your article, though, outside of the fact that this was a car pool and Edna was one of the characters.
Great character development. I could almost see the Suburban with its occupants going down the street. Thanks for giving me a chuckle this morning!
Very cute.. Great visual picture of the folks in the carpool.. And you are so right, it is easy to be in control when things are going good! Nice job!
Very funny! I enjoyed everything about it. Wonderful characters!
This story made me giggle out loud at work! Thanks for getting me in trouble. :) Loved it!
Really funny stuff. Great job!
I can't stop laughing! And yet I feel so guilty, but then I don't. It's the best laugh I've had in a while. Thank you! My only comment is that I think a few commas were missing. But then, I've been known to be "comma-happy" a time or two.

Seriously, I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!
Fun! Loved your descriptions.
I honestly have tears rolling down my face - I laughed all the way though this magnificent piece. I hope you publish this somewhere.
Haha! That was great. What a wonderful mix of character profiles.
Laugh, laugh, laugh. Funny!
Your writing made me feel the elbows in the tight car, but the elbows jabbed me right in the funny bone.

Unfortunately the story was bit disjointed, but then again maybe that helped with the humor.

Ejoyed it!

Once again you rise to meet the mark! I LOVED this! You are always so good at mixing your wonderful sense of humor with a good solid message, and that in itself is a task not all writers can accomplish! WELL DONE!!
LOL! Oh, yes, you should definitely be on stage! Funny!!!
What a clan!!! Fascinating profiles. Hmmmm, I actually want to meet these folks. Well, maybe not. :-)

Good storytelling, and too funny!!! LOL
Very good writing. I can almost see some of my own family in every character. (Is anybody else scared?)
Unlike most of your writing, but full of whimsy and verve.
Keep it up,Blade!