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Wonderful. The description and the emotion were very well done - I could feel the panic. And the application was a very necessary reminder. When will we stop "backseat driving" when God's at the wheel. Thank you.
Very cute story. I was there with ya. I'm still steppin' hard beneath my computer desk.LOL
First, great title, it caught my eye. Second, I can totally relate, not because my daughter has a permit, but because my husband has a license! IB, IB, IB!
The only thing harder than driving WITH a teen son or daughter is handing them the keys - and watching them drive away by themselves. LOL

Point well taken. I know I trusted God with my kids when they were new drivers. :-)
Wow! Great story! Funny, relatable, and poignant message. I love it - and congratulations on your placement. How exciting!
Excellent article! It took me back to my driving lessons--my Dad was a cop--I don't know how either of us survived! But your message hit home. A great example from real life. Congratulations on your win!
Wow! IB. I loved your story. You pulled me in from the opening sentence. IB.

I remember all too well teaching my little brother and sister how to drive. By the time my son was 16 and got his permit, I wore out the IB's.

Congrats on your placement! Well Deserved!
This is awesome. Made me laugh and struck horror in my heart (I'll be doing this with my daughter who turned 15 this week soon). I use the IB when my husband drives. Congrats!
This is great! I laughed out loud through the whole thing. Well written, funny, and impactful.
Congratulations, you are guitee right, when Jesus is driving, we don't need an IB.
Great work.
Congratulations! As the mother of a 17 year old daughter, I can SO relate. Very well done. :)
Well written, poignant. It brought back a lot of memories, from beginning to end. A great devotional.
I had to pause frequently for fits of laughter! Reminded me of a Rhonda Rae devotional. Excellent visuals!
Whew! What a good reminder that I need to stop telling Jesus how to drive. Amidst laughing and panicking for the future time when I'll be teaching my children how to drive, I felt the conviction of not only the Holy Spirit; but also, the sideways glare of my husband when I use the IB with him. :) Thanks for such a great article!