The Official Writing Challenge
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I like this article. Many of us have this very experience of not knowing how, where or when to start. It was beautifully done. Thanks for sharing.
We could be twins, although your breakfast is a whole lot healthier than mine.
Very readable & also filled with humor! Also, very true...I could really relate.
Two great minds run in the same channel...(ahem). You copied me or I copied you - Smile! The only good news is that we're in different pigeon holes so we can't tie for 33rd place as to which of us stared into space the longest! Very nicely done...and can't wait to see who wrote this!
Lots of starts but not on the thing you’re supposed to be starting on. LOL A humorous, engaging read. Yeggy
Anyone here NOT relate? Good job.
Loved it. You started any number of things while you were thinking about how to start the "start" - clever! Your definition of SPAM is priceless.
The hardest part of any endeavor often is...starting! You got it!!!

Cute, conversational style. We're all with ya on this one. :-)
Ok, I'm another one who can relate. Over the years I've learnt to just start writing - you can always delete later. What I'm anxious to know is this: Did the clothes ever get washed or are they still sitting where you dumped them when you made the bed?