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Beautifully written! I want to shout an AMEN!
Very well written. Several emotions churned with the truth it conveyed for the enemy and the unsaved.
Really fabulous. Sincere and passionate and with a sweet kernel of truth.
Even though we are faced with hopeless situations from time to time, it doesn't have to be that way because God can turn things around but when that great day comes, we won't have to face any hopeless situations anymore and Oh! what joy it will be! Well written, i liked the emotions described in it. Thanks for sharing. Keep winning and shining for Jesus.
Bravo! This is a winner in my book. LOVED every line.
Hallelujah! My sentiments exactly, and I can't wait to see that punk burn. He has messed with too many of my friends; and, personally, I hope Jesus lets me push that worm into the pit, just for the sheer satisfaction of it.
Well done,

God bless,

A good reminder to look back to who is the author of evil. I like the references to copyright and copyright expiring. you hear that noise..? It's me CLAPPING!! :-) Satan was the original one to mess things up before Adam and Eve. Excellent job. God bless you.
yes, i think all too often i forget we have a real enemy who really hates our guts
Donna, Congratulations on your 5th place win in the Editor's Choice, as well as your 3rd place win in the Level 3 Champion Challenge. This was another entry that was spot on the topic - well done. Also, you really came up with such a clever entry. Again, congratulations. Make sure you sign a release and get it to FaithWriters so your excellent entry can be included in the next Anthology. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)
Extremely well written!Thanks to your vivid writing, fresh perspective and powerful delivery--the message of what Satan is all about and how Christ defeated him really sank in.
Thanks for sharing and God bless.
Excellent writing. Great for sharing with others who are struggling with loss, disillusionment, or pain. God is in control and He will prevail! Yep, Satan will pay!