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This is well-written, and I loved the ending, with the Bible freeing her from her imprisonment.

I had a hard time placing this in a setting: using phrases like "my lady" made me think perhaps you were going for another time period? Perhaps a few more cues for your reader?

Good job at capturing the mood of your main character, and giving us a second character to fall for. Thanks!
This was a good idea for a story and your ending held a double meaning which was clever. I had to stop a few times because you had a few commas in the wrong place, or missed putting some in. Then the accent was present or it was gone, which altered the time setting of the piece. I enjoyed this though.
I love how you tied the comfort from the character's father to the comfort from the Heavenly Father. Good job.
There is a fairy tale feeling to this piece that is appealing. Your talented descriptions put me as a reader right there with your MC and little brother. I really enjoyed this 'treasure' of a story!
Pain and hope and's all here. :-)