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Wow. Great candor! I understand the struggles of errant manhood and see your piece as a testimony to the truth of what we seek in days of failing. Yet, it is my hope that the awareness created in writings like yours will inspire men to reach toward the "man of God" that He sees in each of us as His sons.
Deep stuff! I can't help but think of the female counterpart to this discussion....the softening of the heart to expose the Real Woman of God. Would love to eavesdrop on a group of men as they discussed this - !
This is so honest and thought-provoking. Liked the way you linked the whole piece by repetition of the opening sentences at the end but then introduced hope. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.
I was reminded of Ecclesiastes and Solomon as I read, especially the lines "We are men, who fall prey to our own vision, we forget there is far more this space around us." and the paragraph that begins "I am a man, who forgot the world, who played the king, and looked the fool...."
One statement that chilled me: "Rather a child remains who plays with his faith with cunning ability." So many Christians, maybe even I, do this so well!
Another saddening statement: "I am the statue that never speaks, and grows no more. The race has been won, but not by me; I have fallen so much, that I forget how to walk, and fear grips my lonely self." But there is hope in the Father who picks us back up and encourages us to fulfill His dream, His purpose that was present when He made us!
Very profound meditation! Thank you!
I hear much poetry in this soul baring piece.
So sad that so many of us, men and women, will not venture to find their real selves in Christ. Very well written. Poetic language that works on many levels. Fav line: 'We drank of the cup that never refreshed, yet the spring overflowed, so we drank.' Yeggy.