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Very sweet. And I'm guessing very Australian ('Mum', 'thongs'). It took me back to the time when we used to holiday at the beach every Christmas in a caravan and annex. I enjoyed this. God Bless.
It may be just me, but I'm wondering if they should be kissing already--they just met!

That aside, this is sweet and romantic, and well-written.
I learn something everyday! I was wondering why so many call their mother "mum"...and I found it here from one of the critiquers. They're from "down under"! And, as for the story, it was sweet. Well written, and left us hanging. Nice job. God Bless
Nice analogies with spring, full of promise etc. I could visualize all the interactions - so like teenagers with the friendly teasing, punching affectionately etc. Well done!
A sweet story! I could feel the sun and salt air. :-)

And hey, I kissed my hubby on the first date and we're still together 34 years later. ;-D

A lovely telling of youth and promise. Made me feel young again, myself.
Kissing was a bit soon - Karen.E? :D
You're joking!

This was great. I'm a romantic, so I loved it!

So cute... ahhh...
Karen.W nice story. So warm and fuzzy, just like Spring. :D