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Wow! I absolutely loved this article. An amazing submission that should definitely win.

Great job!

May God continue to bless your work.

Dan Blankenship
Everything Dan said! This is a powerful word! The descriptions were excellent from the preschool picture through to the chilling picture of Jesus on the cross. Excellent entry!
My favorite part was that we have the privilege to walk behind Jesus. A privilege indeed. A beautiful and passionate look at Christ's obedient sacrifice.
Just beautiful!

I love what you said about our efforts paling in comparison to Jesus' ability to obey, and my favorite line is this, "As followers of Christ, our obedience to Him is the highest expression of our love and devotion."

I also loved the opening with the preschool. Great way to pull us in.
A very beautiful description of obedience to God. Ditto to what the others above me said. However, I also particularly liked the way you wrapped the article up as well. Wonderful job!
It DOES require more than listening to be obedient.We can HEAR all day, in fact all of our lives, and never DO. This gets an A+ as far as I'm concerned.
Mega dittos here!
Well-written and thought provoking!
Great article!