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This Is A Nice Whimsical Piece. It Flowed Nicely. I Long For Pen And Paper Now Because For Some Strange Reason My Tablet Is Insisting On Capping The First Letter Of Each Word. I May Have To Disagree With You About That Technology Line. Seriously! You Did A Great Job. Now If I Can Just Figure Out What I'm Doing Wrong.
Truths and plenty of fun in this piece. I found myself smiling and agreeing about "the signature part" --most of the younger generation today don't know the art of penmanship.

This was spot on and unique in content, delivery and message.

Loved it!

God bless~
Nicely done. It somehow made me long for the days of yore. Ha. Days of pen and paper, but also the days of youth when our fingers could simply write and write without pain and so forth. You wrote you seem to only be able to come up with poetry? Ha. That doesn't seem to be a problem.
Hey, please dont feel you need to apologize for writing poems it is still a creative piece of work. Im no expert on poetry but I do like this. It flows well and I appreciate its rhythm and rhyme. I agree with you on one level (would love to receive more letters by snail mail) but disagree on another (I prefer keyboard and screen my writing becomes totally illegible with attempts to capture thoughts as quickly as they come). I particularly liked the 3rd and 5th verses. Great job.
Spoken like a true right-hander! Us left handed people know that handwriting is over rated. Computers have put us on a level playing field. :)

Seriously, though, you did a great job with this piece. The imagery is vivid and you bring your words to life. They do dance and sing and speak volumes for you in this entry.
Set my feet tapping and fingers rapping - thank you. God bless you.
Nice job sharing the good memories we have of how things used to be when we wrote on paper and with pen. Most of us still do write sometimes but not to the same extent that we used to.

I agree. Pen and paper sounds like such a good idea until I actually try to write a story with them! I'll stick to my computer. Great poem.
Great piece! I love the flow of it. I agree that I love the handwritten word, but, wow, have I gotten used to cut-and-paste and ctrl-z! Nicely done.
I'm by no means a poetry expert, so I can't offer up much red ink here.

However, I did enjoy reading this poem and thought it flowed nicely. You hit the nail on the head that our handwriting gets poorer the more we spend typing. Sometimes I can barely read my handwriting.

You also ended it well, making note of how typing puts less strain on the hands. I admire those that can write poetry. Nicely done! Thanks for sharing!
Your whimsical piece had a lovely cadence and spoke truth to any of us past the mid century mark!
Witty ditty indeed! You never disappoint, dear friend. Hug yourself for me - this is excellent.
You nailed it 110% my friend. Your ability to write poetry is a special gift from God. I always look forward to reading your articles and poetry. I am not a big fan of poetry, but you are changing this with each poem you write!

God Bless!