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I loved the story, the only problem is that the opposite happens in real life; the vine kills the
tree, smothering it to death. Otherwise, it is a well written piece of fiction. Very well written-keeping the reader intrigued.
I'm impressed that the thoughts of a pine tree could hold my attention. Well done!
Lovely story. Lovely descriptions. Enjoyed the way it was written from the viewpoint of the tree.
"...When visible scars proclaimed the worst had passed for the tree, the vine withered and died..."

A lovely allegory, with this sentence particularly profound.
Masterful use of description. Your writings always seem to have a powerful message for the reader. I enjoyed this. Well done,
I loved this! the descriptions are wonderful.
Such a rich and timely illustration. Thank you.
Is there a way of saying the second paragraph in two sentences instead of one? The first paragraph is also one sentence but is acceptable the way it is written. If you are personifying the pine tree as a female, keep all pronouns referring to her feminine ('her', not 'its' in the third paragraph, etc.). P. 4 paints wonderful word pictures and conveys the sense of impending harm. P. 6-9 are wonderfully descriptive. I treasure the insight and application of this parable. I could picture this as an illustrated book for adults and children (like Max Lucado's work has been done). Great job, Ben!
And even then, our scars remain tender to the touch for a long time. It makes me wonder if Christ's scars are tender too. The Vine that binds - He is the Vine. Knowing who wrote this makes it extra special. Beautiful!
What a beautiful picture. Well done!