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Kleenex anyone? Beautiful, I am very touched.
me too..sniffle. Pass the klenex. I'm glad this had a lovely ending. God bless ya, littlelight
This poem is a very important statement for any woman or girl contemplating abortion. Parts of it could even begin to heal the pain of a woman who has lost a baby in any stage of development.
The stanzas that especially tore at me: #1, 4-5, 7-9, 17-18, 23-24, and , of course, the clincher stanza 15. There are verses that would need to be worked on to keep the rhythm going that you established in stanza 1.Not trying to be hard-nosed...I have had 13 years of winter chill, sometimes melting, sometimes icing back over. The pain never totally goes away. Thank you for touching my heart. Sandy aka SamaraKaye (my daughter with Jesus.)
Beautiful. I taught a post abortion class for women at a CPC and this poem captures the healing they sought in their hearts.
If this doesn't make it in the editor's choice I will eat my hat.
That said, you should campaign for this to be up in abortion clinics everywhere.
Let people see this beauty to realise the truth rather than using the rather violent approach of trying to tear all abortion clinics down.
Once I get back to a normal country, I may have to beg of you to let me distribute this. For all young women, it's a must read. (In fact, if it's cool with you after this week, I'd love to send it around to all the women I know currently).
Absolutely heart stunning! Thank you so much for sharing this. It is truly amazing.
I'm eating my hat now. :(
But hold onto my comments, lovely lady... young, lost women of all over deserve to read this. You might reach out to a few people and that'll make it worth the while...
Try sending it around anywhere, it's a good poem.
LOL =) No hat eating necessary. This poem is already in the works to be turned into an illustrated booklet for ministry at Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Pregnancy Resource Centers. However, had I taken the time to EDIT better, no hats might have been in danger. =) Thank you one and all for your encouraging words.