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I honestly wanted to say something light and funny and maybe I am old fashioned but truthfully my first thought is these children and the parents need a visit from the TV show, “The Nanny”. Yes, it is hard work being a parent, but if children think they can get their way from parents who give in and don’t follow through, then they think it is that way with God too. And it certainly isn’t, God does what he says He will do. This certainly does show though that being a parent, especially a good parent, is some of the hardest work in the world.
This was a comical and great tribute to one of the "hardest and toughest" jobs in the world, raising children! Nicely done, and well written and told.

God Bless~
Oh what a wonderful take on the topic. I admit I had tears in my eyes for all the kids whose parents don't understand what idle threats can do. Of course I think probably every parent has over threatened from time to time only to regret it later, but without consistency, the next generation will be spoiled brats. This piece is a perfect example of what not to do. It reminds me of the reality shows like Super nanny and Nanny 911. You did an amazing job with this piece. I wish Dad hadn't caved, but the truth is many parents would cave. Congratulations on ranking 18 overall! Happy Dance!