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Beautiful descriptions.

Thanks for sharing.
Splendor on the mountains! Great imagery, amazing descriptive piece...I was on that slope with the MC.

I love the reference to all things beautiful "belonging to the Master" of the Universe.

Excellent! God Bless~
I thoroughly enjoyed your well written story. Well done.
This is beautifully written and enjoyable. Good entry.
You did a great job of putting the reader on that mountain, well done.

At first read, I thought the opening paragraph was a bit on the purple side, but thinking about how the majesty of the mountain plays into the story and then rereading, I changed my mind. It is quite beautiful.

Other than the missing article in the first sentence, everything flowed beautifully and I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for sharing it.
Exquisite imagery. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Thank you for strapping our ski boots on while we swept down the slopes with you. Very descriptive, especially for this Aussie, who has rarely seen snow, and who thinks that skiing must be very easy becuse it's all downhill.
I also liked the worshipful tone of awe towards your close.
That was incredibly beautiful. I have never put on skis, and never plan to, but I could feel the surroundings and was drawn in to a place where I, too, could meet with Him. Exquisite.
You drew wonderful word pictures of something I so enjoy. I'm not a skier any longer but a snowboarder now and there is something about feeling God smiling through our enjoyment of His beautiful creation that is indescribable.
When I holler at the top of my lungs "Whoo hoo thank you God" I know beyond a doubt that He delights in our delight!
Great comeback and welcome back! This is a fantastic story. Loved the ending.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this description of a skier skying down the slopes and in particular the fourth-last paragraph where the MC experiences God's presence, majesty, beauty and spontaneity. Great work!
Re the above - should read 'skiing' not 'skying'! Otherwise the skier would be flying!
Congratulations! God bless~
Congratulations Samantha on your well deserved win! This was just beautiful!
Very descriptive and beautiful. Well done.