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“I think I know how Jesus felt . . ." It sounds like this child was experiencing the Bible. :-)
I know how you felt too when she made that surprising statement. This entry was really nice.
This one who has received love in Jesus' name will go and share it with someone else. This story describes the practical nature of the gospel. Nicely done!
An authentic account of how children have a wisdom that adults often lack. I enjoyed reading it.
It's cute. I like it. Nice message. Personally, I don't think the title is the BEST for this story. It's ok. But there could be something better out there.
Would be nice to be elaborated on too.
I love this:
“She sighed as I played with her hair. “I think I know how Jesus felt when the woman poured perfume over His head. His hair must have felt so soft and smelled pretty, too. It’s so nice.”

Surprised and touched by her comparison, I said, “Caroline, you are one beautiful young lady.”

“Thank you, Ma’am!” she laughed. “How much do I owe you?”

Hugging her, I thought to myself, Little One, you have already given me so much during our time together.” Thanks for Sharing Kathy. Oh, this is just Beautiful. Blessing. Helen