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A gripping account of how we struggle with one of life's difficult realities.

Turning to the Word of God for encouragement is exactly what my devotion said this morning. I believe it referred me to Psalms 42.

This is powerfully written. I did have a stumble in a couple of places, but they are minor.

Thanks for sharing.
Great job with this piece. I especially loved the closing prayer.

God bless~
What a wonderful message! And a situation most of us have faced at least once in our lives, so it's easy to relate to your character's feelings. I would have liked to hear some of her prayer, which is a great opportunity to "show" us her feelings. Maybe instead of telling us she prayed, you could just go into the prayer: "Oh God, I don't understand why..." I think this one will do good though. Good work, you have a fan!
In these times I'm sure lots of people will relate to your MC's struggles with finances and faith. Let's hope they will also trust in God to steer them through the difficulties, just as your MC eventually did. A worthy message here.
Very realistic struggle for a lot of people right now. I don't know how you get through it without Him. If more Christians, even, would turn to Him the way your MC did, maybe we could help others see the hope we have in Him.
Wow what a powerful piece. You had my eyes brimming with tears as I read the familiar self-abusive arguments going on in the Mc's head. It felt so authentic.

My only red ink would be the part in the middle where the MC was calling out to God would have worked great in quotation marks as a dialog, since you did it earlier.

I think you covered the topic in a great way. I had never thought of using bills as a topic. You did a great job of writing on topic while still delivering a powerful message. I really liked the prayer at the end. Not everyone knows how to pray and this is a great way to show them. I totally enjoyed this.